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6S inspection specifications and assessment management regulations

2017/10/20      view:

1. Purpose

In order to carry out 6S on-site management work for the staff to provide a clean, comfortable and safe working environment, improve the company's image to ensure its sustained and effective to carry out, the development of the provisions of this management.

2. area

All departments of the company and all employees

3. Terminology

3.1 Regional Executives:Refers to the implementation of a certain range of 6S (finishing, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, quality, security) activities of the staff, generally refers to the team leader \ designated personnel.

3.2 Regional Leader:Refers to the supervision and management of a number of regional 6S (finishing, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, quality, security) activities of the staff, generally refers to the workshop / department heads.

4. duties

4.1 The general manager is responsible for the supervision and guidance of the entire 6S activities.

4.2 office is responsible for 6S management, assessment and reward and punishment of the implementation of the centralized sector.

4.3 6S inspection team is responsible for on-site 6S supervision and daily inspection assessment.

4.4 The department heads are responsible for supervising and inspecting the management of the department 6S.

4.5 Regional team employees are responsible for managing the daily 6S within the area of personal responsibility.

5. Procedures

5.1 the implementation of the regional self-test, and record. The inspection team members are checked from time to time every day.

5.2 inspection group inspection should be in strict accordance with the 6S inspection standards carefully checked. Found unqualified items to take pictures, and do check records.

5.3 inspection team after each inspection, the inspection team members must be held within 10 minutes meeting, sum up the day the department, workshop 6S situation. And in accordance with the provisions of the day to determine the situation of reward and punishment.

5.4 inspection team after each inspection is completed, the relevant rectification and improvement of pictures selected with the relevant text to the deputy head, the main contents are: the achievements of the workshop, the problems that need to improve the place. On the 2nd day in the company WeChat public number to be announced.

6.0 incentives

6.1 6S site management in the implementation process, to fulfill their duties, to do their own responsibility within the scope of 6S site management related work, and each month (a total of 4 times assessment) responsibility area 6S work to meet the qualified regional implementation Reward 20 yuan / person, the district responsible for all the areas are responsible for all areas are eligible to reward 50 yuan / person; all responsibility area of the month 6S work evaluation score ranked first, the implementation of the region reward 50 yuan / The region responsible person reward 50 yuan.

6.2 employees in the usual work to find unqualified items can be used to report the photo, the inspection team to verify, give reward 20 yuan / time

6.3 Weekly on the departments, workshops, employees in the 6S site management implementation process, do a good job within their own responsibility within the 6S site management related work to give informed rewards.

7.0 penalties

7.1 inspection process inspection team with reference to the inspection standards for nonconforming items, the first time the regional executor to be corrected, ordered rectification; the second found the same unqualified items, the penalty area executor 20 yuan / person;

7.2 departments, the workshop problems identified by the inspection team, there are two or more than the required time rectification. Regional responsible person punished 20 yuan;

7.3. Check the results of the monthly ranking of the last one in the area of the person in charge of the penalty of 50 yuan.

7.4 For those who seriously violate the provisions of the company and involved in the safety of life, the person in charge of the district and the head of the department punished more than 100 yuan.

8. The provisions of this provision after the trial 3 months after the actual situation according to the activities to make adjustments.