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Notice on Strengthening the Company 's Network Security

2017/10/20      view:

For a long time, the external network environment is complex, Trojans and all kinds of malicious software rampant, a serious threat to the safety and healthy operation of the network platform, the user may be strayed into the trap, confidential materials were tampered with theft, online financial losses and other events. To ensure the safe operation of the Company's computer systems and network systems, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, the use of computers and networks

1, the computer users of the memory of the storage and confidentiality of the responsibility to prohibit the disclosure of internal information within the company;

2, prohibit anyone using the company's computer and network to do the following:

1) browse unhealthy websites, illegal websites and nationally banned web pages;

2) to prohibit the download and work has nothing to do with other information;

3) prohibit through QQ, MSN, WeChat and other chat tools to receive unknown files with security risks;

Second, virus protection and maintenance

1, the company all computer users in the free use of 360 security guards for Trojans killing, once the virus and Trojans must be promptly notify the company IT;

2, mobile disk and other equipment before use, must ensure that no virus, if the virus should be promptly killing or inform the company's IT for processing.

3, in the use of the company's mailbox when you pay attention to some unknown mail, special mail inside the website link, do not click on these links. Or as an important person to the company to the company to the company's internal information, send the information with the information to be confirmed after the operation, if not sure, please inform the company's IT for processing.