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Continuously optimize the manufacturing environment

2017/10/20      view:

Source: China Economic Net - "Economic Daily"Yuan Yong

On October 19, the news center of the Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China held a group interview on the theme of "taking a new road to industrialization". Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Party Secretary, Minister Miao Wei, China Telecom Group Party Secretary, Chairman Yang Jie, Shandong Province Economic and Information Technology Committee Party Secretary, Director Qian Huantao, Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Xu Heyi To be interviewed.

Miao Wei representatives said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Comrade Xi Jinping has put forward a series of important instructions on the development of China's industry and information technology, and has nine aspects: First, emphasis on industry and informationization in China National great rejuvenation in the important position, we must speed up the construction of power and power network. The second is to emphasize the full understanding of the achievements of new industrialization with Chinese characteristics, to enhance catch-up self-confidence. Third, stressed the need to do information and industrialization of the depth of integration of this article, the development of intelligent manufacturing. Fourth, the emphasis on promoting the expansion of the manufacturing sector from the number of quality to enhance the strategic change, as the supply side to promote the structural reform of the main direction. Five is stressed that the manufacturing industry to engage in innovation-driven development is the core. Six is to emphasize the support of the green transformation of manufacturing, and guide the real economy to a more green, clean direction. Seven is to emphasize the implementation of the integration of military and civilian development strategy, to explore the new path of integration of military and civilian development. Eight is to emphasize a power to make the equipment manufacturing industry must go up. Nine is stressed that open and inclusive to a global perspective to plan and promote the transformation of manufacturing development.

"These important instructions, for our work to provide a strategic guide and simply follow, but also Xi Jinping new era of Chinese characteristics, an important part of the ideological system of socialism." Miao Wei said.

For the "China made 2025" strategy to implement the progress of how to this issue, Miao Wei representatives said, "China made 2025" in the top design, key projects to promote the pilot demonstration work, the local industry differentiation development, industrial product quality brand building Progress smoothly, the effect is obvious. The future, the Ministry of Industry will continue to promote the implementation of the five projects, do a good job, "Made in China 2025" national demonstration area to create a new round of large-scale major technological transformation and upgrading project, continue to optimize the manufacturing environment.

Miao Wei said that in the process of promoting the implementation of "Made in China 2025", the relevant policies and measures are equally applicable to domestic and foreign-funded enterprises, and hope that the manufacturing enterprises of all countries will actively participate in the "Made in China 2025" implementation.

Since the 18th Party Congress, the development of China's information and communication industry has achieved a new leap. Yang Jie said that as of the end of August this year, the national mobile phone users 1.38 billion, the number of users the world's first. Which 4G users 930 million, accounting for the proportion of global 4G users more than 40%. Fixed broadband users to reach 330 million, of which broadband fiber users reached 272 million, accounting for the proportion of global fiber broadband users more than 60%. In addition, China's rural communication network construction efforts continue to increase, rural communication has been greatly improved, the proportion of administrative village broadband reached 88%, 4G coverage rate reached 88%.

Yang Jie representative said that telecom operators to speed up the cost of economic and social development of the pulling effect is increasingly obvious, greatly promoted and promoted the equipment manufacturing and Internet business development.

Over the past five years, China's auto industry for five years, China for 8 consecutive years to become the world's largest automobile production and marketing country, independent brand market share of 50% breakthrough, and lead the development direction of new energy vehicles. Xu and Yi representatives that the future, China's auto industry should pay attention to strengthen the independent innovation capability and the development of independent brands, we must attach importance to the development of new energy vehicles, but also vigorously promote the internationalization of the automotive industry.