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Speed up the construction of power and power network

2017/10/20      view:

Source: People's Daily - People's Daily

At 19:00 on October 19, the Ninth News Center held a second collective interview, invited the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Minister Miao Wei and other industrial party representatives, around the "take a new road to industrialization," the theme of the situation, And answered the reporter's question.

Miao Wei from four aspects of the industrial and information technology in the past five years made significant achievements:

From the comprehensive strength, China's industrial and communications industry to maintain a smooth operation, steady and good, the total size of the scale continued to upgrade, ranking the world's largest manufacturing power and network power status;

From the perspective of innovation ability, the enterprise has become the main body, the market oriented, the combination of production and research and innovation system is perfect, aerospace, high-end equipment, high-performance computing and other fields have made breakthrough progress, the rapid integration of military and civilian development in accelerating, New kinetic energy is released;

From the structural optimization, the supply side of the structural reform in depth, strategic emerging industries, advanced manufacturing industry continued to grow faster than all industrial growth, new mode of emerging new models continue to emerge;

From the two integration, intelligent manufacturing level improved significantly, based on the Internet "double hit" platform for rapid growth, built the world's largest broadband network, 5G R & D to accelerate the Internet economy in the forefront of the world.

"China's manufacturing 2025 'strategy for the past two years, in order to stabilize industrial growth, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing plays an important role." Miao said that the manufacturing innovation center construction, intelligent manufacturing, industrial strong, green manufacturing and high-end equipment Manufacturing innovation of the five projects to promote the smooth progress of China's manufacturing industry to effectively improve the competitiveness.

Take a new road to industrialization, it is necessary to do addition, so that the industry into the high-end, but also to do subtraction, to resolve excess capacity. Miao Wei introduced to the end of June this year, more than 100 million tons of steel has been clear, to the end of August, ahead of schedule to complete the annual production capacity of 50 million tons of steel, steel industry benefits have undergone great changes. January to August this year, the steel industry profits of 203.5 billion yuan, up 106.9% over the same period last year.

"As of the end of August, the national mobile phone users reached 1.38 billion, the penetration rate reached 100%, the number of users in the world, among which 4G users 930 million, accounting for much higher than the global average, 4G users accounted for the proportion of global 4G users more than 40 %. Fixed broadband users reached 330 million, becoming the world's highest proportion of fiber broadband countries. "China Telecom Chairman Yang Jie said.

Yang Jie said that over the past five years, China Telecom has invested nearly 500 billion yuan to carry out the construction of communication network information infrastructure, many have invested in rural areas, "At present, the proportion of administrative village broadband reached 88%, which is also very high in the world , 4G coverage ratio reached 88%, rural communications greatly improved.

Miao Wei said that three telecom companies significantly reduced the international long-distance communications costs of mobile phones, the largest decline of 93%. The next step will also accelerate the pace of speed reduction, help the digital economy to flourish, so that consumers further share the development results.