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To focus on manufacturing enterprises of the network, service and intelligent

2017/10/20      view:

Source: China Economic Times

"Manufacturing information for nearly half a century, has also experienced the enterprise management information system, computer aided technology, computer integrated manufacturing technology, agile manufacturing technology, cloud manufacturing / manufacturing service technology, intelligent manufacturing technology and other stages of manufacturing information At present, the main trends are globalization, leanness, integration, synergy, service, green and intelligent, among which service and intelligence are not only important development trends of information technology, but also important in manufacturing mode and business mode Change trend. "Harbin Institute of Technology Vice President, Professor Xu Xiaofei in the service-oriented manufacturing 50 forum for the first time on the theme of the report said.

 Xu Xiaofei that, in the Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, large data driven, the Internet service presents a new way of things, large services and intelligent services, which is a new form of service-oriented manufacturing. "Large service refers to cross - border, cross - domain, cross - network combination services through the polymerization of complex services ecosystem or service network.

Xu Xiaofei describes the manufacturing service of the eight key elements: First, the transformation of service-oriented manufacturing enterprises, from product-oriented to service-oriented transformation. Second, the service business model innovation, to carry out "Internet + service", cloud services and other models of innovation. Third, user-centric customer needs, to achieve large-scale personalized custom. Fourth, business services business process reengineering, with particular emphasis on third-party service based on business process optimization. Fifth, cross-border cross-enterprise resource integration and service collaboration. Six is to use multi-level enterprise service platform architecture technology. Seven is to establish a network of enterprise cloud manufacturing environment. Eight is to develop intelligent service personnel.

For service-oriented manufacturing enterprises how to achieve transformation, Xu Xiaofei also gave six recommendations.

First, enterprises should have information and service transformation strategy. Information and service transformation project should be combined with the enterprise production and management objectives, a clear business needs, project entry point and expected benefits, can not form technology and business "two skin."

Second, we must follow the information and service transformation of the basic principles of the project, that is, efficiency-driven, model innovation, technical support, overall planning, key breakthroughs, step by step implementation. To grasp the service-oriented manufacturing enterprise transformation process, step by step, can not be anxious.

Third, to do a good job of "number one" project. Service-oriented manufacturing enterprise change efforts from the entire enterprise management system, the need for leadership control, the overall guidance, personally organized, fully authorized, planning decisions.

 Fourth, to promote the transformation of enterprise services to information. And actively explore the service-oriented manufacturing, intelligent cloud manufacturing, intelligent enterprises, service-oriented enterprises and other new models for the role of business transformation, the application of the latest information technology to support business transformation, driving business model innovation and production services to enterprises transition. At the same time, according to business changes, the information system and service platform for dynamic evolution and technology upgrades.

Fifth, we should pay attention to industry standards, data preparation. To remember the information "three-point technology, seven management, twelve data (standard)" creed. The failure of many enterprise informatization projects is due to the poor quality of standardization and data.

Sixth, we should pay attention to personnel training. Strengthen the information training, improve the technical staff, management personnel, service personnel full information quality and service awareness, alert the information of the barrel effect.

Finally, Xu Xiaofei concluded that "enterprises should pay attention to advanced manufacturing technology, emerging information technology and new production model of the development trend, especially the service, intelligent trend, combined with their own production and management characteristics, with advanced information technology, Application software and services in order to achieve the desired benefits. "